The preventive is that the most generally used style of birth prevention, however it's not while not its difficult  aspect effects. Migraine, belittled concupiscence, acne, cancer, weight gain... which of them ar proven? Dr. Abdoulaye Diop, AN obstetrician-gynecologist, discusses the truths and misconceptions.

The preventive is that the means that of birth prevention most utilized by ladies. like several medication, the pill is related to a risk of aspect effects. Weight gain, exaggerated appetence, acne, pain, epithelial duct status, belittled concupiscence, exaggerated risk of carcinoma... What ar the aspect effects of this contraceptive? which of them ar proven? On the contrary, which of them ar false and represent received ideas? Illumination of Dr Abdoulaye Diop, medical specialist-obstetrician.

The pill stimulates the appetence and causes you to fat
The preventive doesn't, properly speaking, cause you to gain weight, however it will promote water retention, breast pain and snacking. Indeed, the pill is claimed to be "diabetogenic", i.e. it raises the amount of hypoglycemic agent within the blood and hypoglycemic agent will increase appetence. However, "The pill has no verified result on the centers (cortex, hippocampus, hypothalamus) liable for the feeling of hunger", adds Dr. Diop, gynecologist-obstetrician.

 Does the preventive cause you to fat?

Oral contraception is typically related to weight gain, water retention or a rise in appetence. Rumor or reality? Let's decide.

 The pill causes hemorrhage between periods
True. it's potential that hemorrhage happens outside the periods. "Bleeding because of taking the pill will occur, particularly if it's not taken at the scheduled  time. This hemorrhage is externalized through the canal however really comes from the womb," explains our skilled. while not seriousness, these losses of blood is a lot of or less copious and in the midst of different symptoms like pains or epithelial duct losses...

Bleeding outside the amount (spotting): ought to we tend to worry?
You are below pill and you detected tiny bleedings except for your period? known as "spotting", this development is extremely frequent and in most cases while not gravity. however it is the sign of a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Explanations with Dr herbaceous plant American state Reilhac.

The pill will provides a headache
True. The Drug Agency (ANSM) indicates that estrogen-progestin contraceptives ar so connected to aspect effects. "The most typical (affecting over one in ten women) ar headaches, as well as migraines," the health authority says. the looks or aggravation of headaches should be reported  to the prescribing MD. additionally, in line with the French Society for the Study of Migraines and Headaches, in a very girl with hemicrania UN agency has one or a lot of tube-shaped structure risk factors (smoking, high vital sign, fatness and even a lot of vessel history, redness or pulmonic embolism), it's preferred to use a pill while not steroid or a non-hormonal family planning

Pills that not work: what ar the warning signs?
Bleeding, migraine, weight gain, exaggerated disease of the skin... These undesirable effects is the signs of a pill not tailored or an excessive amount of treated. that symptoms once its pill isn't applicable any more? a way to grasp if it ought to be changed? Explanations of Dr Juliette Cariou, gynecologist.

The pill causes breast pain
True. The breast pains or heaviness caused by the pill ar principally because of the dose of estrogens that it contains. These hormones ar concerned within the production and storage of fat and promote breast pain. "Breast pain is actually potential on the eve of period however it also can happen to ladies while not contraception: it's a classic syndrome that's not serious," reassures the medical specialist.
The pill lowers concupiscence
True. epithelial duct status and a call in concupiscence ar common among ladies UN agency take the pill, as well as younger ladies. this is often as a result of the pill counteracts the action of androgen, that is that the feminine drive secretion. Since concupiscence decreases, sexual lubrication conjointly decreases. mild and respectful intimate hygiene, the utilization of lubricants, tailored creams or the utilization of botanical medicine is effective solutions against intimate status.

Some pills cause disease of the skin
True: "The pill will improve or maybe fully eliminate skin issues, however it's vital to understand that some pills worsen them," says the specialist. Some pills area unit decrepit or maybe non-androgenic, i.e. they are doing not stimulate the oleaginous glands and so don't promote excess secretion. raise your specialist for recommendation.

Which pill to decide on just in case of acne?
Combined, steroid hormone... betting on its composition and dose, the pill has totally different effects on disease of the skin. Effectiveness, list of the simplest and recommendation with Pr Bernard Hedon, specialist and president of the National school of French gynecologists-obstetricians.

The pill will increase the risks of occlusion or embolism
True and false. "Even if this risk remains very low, the pills will be related to a risk of thrombosis (phlebitis) or embolism, particularly just in case of non-public or family history", indicates Dr. These accidents aren't terribly frequent (occur chiefly in ladies United Nations agency gift risk factors for these diseases) however serious; they have to be taken care of in emergency. the newest generation pills (3rd or fourth containing desogestrel or drospirenone) area unit additional risky than those of ordinal generation. Another study meted out by the insurance suggests that the thromboembolic risk would even be associated with the dose of ethinylestradiol and so lower for pills containing twenty µg of ethinylestradiol. But, do not panic, once prescribing contraceptive method, the doctor analyzes all attainable risk factors and contraindications to permit you to search out the foremost appropriate contraceptive method.

► Signs suggestive occlusion (phlebitis): 

swelling (edema) in one in all your thighs or legs
pain with or while not swelling in one in all your calves.
In these cases, decision or consult your doctor, prescriber or caregiver like a shot. If this can be impracticable, decision EMS-Center fifteen or move to the ER of a hospital or clinic.

► Signs suggestive a respiratory organ embolism:

sudden shortness of breath, at rest or uncommon throughout activities (climbing stairs, talking on the phone...),
the appearance of bloody phlegm,
an acceleration of the heartbeat (tachycardia), unusual, unexplained and protracted, particularly if related to one in all the preceding signs
These signs could also be amid giddiness or intense headaches. In these cases, decision like a shot the SAMU - Centre fifteen

The pill will increase the danger of breast or cervical cancer
The International Agency for analysis on Cancer (IARC) remains terribly clear on this subject: definitely the pill will increase the danger of cancer associated with sure organs, however it additionally lowers several others (ovarian, medical specialty, colorectal, mucosa ...). However, "the combined or microprogestational pill would have a small impact on the risks of carcinoma, that is hormone-dependent not like different cancers, only if there's a private or case history of breast cancer" adds the professional. the danger is slightly higher for a lady United Nations agency takes the pill within the future. the danger returns to traditional over time when stopping. identical is true for cervical and liver disease.

The pill decreases fertility
According to Dr. Diop, "the pill preserves a woman's fertility". Its use throughout over five years would even favour a quicker physiological state per a British study (Human replica of Oct 2002).

Does the pill have any impact on fertility?
Does the pill alter ladies's fertility? will it even build women sterile? the purpose with fictional character Guigues, specialist and member of the French National school of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF).

The pill modifies the mood
True. Mood disorders, together with irritability, area unit among the aspect effects of the oral contraceptive pill rumored by the French Drug Agency. A 2020 Danish study revealed within the scientific journal Scientific Reports checked out the results of the contraception pill on mood-related hormones. Researchers showed that ladies on oral contraceptives had higher levels of Pitocin (nicknamed the love hormone) than others. And this disturbance in Pitocin levels might alter sure feelings like attachment, love, intimacy or social interactions. different studies have shown a link between taking the pill and depression. A study revealed in JAMA psychological medicine in 2016 calculable that the danger of taking antidepressants was increased by one.23 just in case of taking associate oral estrogen-progestin pill and one.34 just in case of taking a micro-progestin pill.