The Khalifa International Stadium in al-Rayyan is the principal arena of the 2022 World Cup to be finished. Along with the Al-Rayyan Stadium, it is one of the two arenas that didn’t need to be constructed especially for the World Cup. Just a few changes were important. To be sure, the recreation of the arena from 2014 to 2017 has modernized it and brought it state-of-the-art. In 2019, five FIFA Club World Cup matches were held at Khalifa International Stadium.

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Khalifa International Stadium is situated in the city of al-Rayyan, perhaps the biggest city in the peninsular country. Be that as it may, the Khalifa International Stadium isn’t the biggest arena in the opposition. The Lusail Stadium for the 2022 World Cup can hold up to 80,000 individuals, while the Khalifa International Stadium can hold 45,416.


By and by, eight games will be played in this arena during the world contest. The Khalifa International Stadium will have 6 gathering matches, one round of 16 match of the 2022 World Cup and the third spot match. The World Cup semi-finals will be held in Lusail City and al-Shaur.


Khalifa International Stadium in a couple of figures


🏟️ Capacity: 45,416 onlookers


🏗️ Construction: 1976


🎉 Inauguration: 2017 after modernization


Khalifa International Stadium – little last stadium


Khalifa International Stadium is the most customary arena in Qatar. Its unique rendition was worked in 1976. The arena was redesigned from 2014 to 2017 to have the following version of the worldwide contest. It is the primary games arena to be prepared five years before the beginning of the finals of the competition. Not at all like other arenas, like Ras Abu Aboud for the 2022 World Cup, it didn’t should be worked without any preparation.


One more extraordinary component of the Khalifa International Stadium is that it is the principal cooled outside arena at a FIFA World Cup. To adapt to the high temperatures in Qatar’s colder time of year, it was chosen to furnish the arenas with cooling innovation. In the stands of the arena, where 45,416 onlookers are situated, the temperature ought not surpass 26 degrees. Each match ought to be an unadulterated snapshot of joy and not an incredibly troublesome second because of the great temperatures.


The most grounded brandishing experience in this arena, notwithstanding the gathering matches and the round of 16 of the World Cup, will be the counterpart for third spot in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The washouts’ conclusive, as it could likewise be called, will occur in al-Rayyan and is one of the last defining moments of the FIFA competition.


A cutting edge arena with a rich history


Contrasted with the first form of Khalifa International Stadium, the onlooker limit has expanded from 20,000 seats in 1976 to 45,416 out of 2017. In 2014, when modernization for the World Cup started, the arena had a significantly bigger limit and could oblige up to 50,000 individuals. The rooftop was raised and two new curves were introduced over the layered tops of the stands. This makes it simple to see the Khalifa International Stadium from a good ways.


Previously, this al-Rayyan arena has facilitated various significant occasions. These remember the Asian Games for 2016, the Asian Football Championship in 2011, the World Athletics Championships and the FIFA Club World Cup in 2019. The last two occasions were held after the arena’s latest redesigns and were an incredible achievement.


New cooling advances will be utilized to cool Qatar’s arenas to a tolerable temperature of 24 to 28 degrees during World Cup matches. Because of the great open air temperatures in the Qatari promontory, significant occasions, for example, the World Cup would be hard to hold without cooling. The energy utilized for these cooling advancements should come predominantly from inexhaustible innovations.


The cooling of the Khalifa International Stadium: what is the environmental effect?


Any individual who has seen the ventilation frameworks of the Khalifa International Stadium will comprehend that the games field can likewise be depicted as the biggest fridge on the planet. Nonetheless, in the event that you ponder the energy utilization included, you’re probably going to promptly begin perspiring once more. Regardless of whether a huge piece of the energy needs to come from sustainable power, there will consistently be a section that doesn’t. Moreover, Qatar has not ensured the enormous portion of power that is typically needed to come from renewables.


Under these conditions, is it naturally reasonable to assemble such an arena or to put together such a competition in a desert state? This is the place where sentiments vary. For sure, a great many people on the planet have asked themselves, if these ventures and this energy utilization might have been stayed away from. Different arrangements could surely have been found. In any case, it tends to be expected that Qatar would not have been decided to have the 2022 World Cup.


Al-Rayyan: have city of the 2022 World Cup


Al-Rayyan, otherwise called ar-Rayyan, is the biggest city in Qatar with a populace of around 600,000. It is much more populated than the capital Doha. Be that as it may, for what reason is al-Rayyan very little preferable known over the capital of Qatar? The explanation is self-evident. Doha and al-Rayyan are stuck together and are becoming together as they come.


The case of the Khalifa International Stadium represents the trouble of isolating two urban communities with practically similar number of occupants. It isn’t totally clear in which city the 2022 World Cup arena is found, and there are various conclusions about it. In any case, in the event that we investigate the area of the arena, plainly it is situated in al-Rayyan.


Al-Rayyan has a great deal to bring to the table to its guests. In the following segment, you will discover data about the main landmarks in the Qatari desert city.


What to do in al-Rayyan?


In the city of al-Rayyan, there are what should be done in the event that you visit the city for the 2022 World Cup. Other than the capital of Qatar, Doha, which is the adjoining city, al-Rayyan is similarly alluring for its landmarks. One of them is the Mathaf, the Arab Museum of Modern Art. Culture sweethearts or the inquisitive can invest some energy here. Displays about the local culture are held there.


Somewhere else to visit is ar-Rayyan University. The Faculty of Islamic Studies in Qatar is an eye-catcher and gives a brief look at the understudy life in the country. The grounds is ideally suited for a relaxed walk where you can appreciate the great engineering of its structures.


Oxygen Park, situated close to the Education City and the 2022 World Cup Education City Stadium, is likewise worth a visit. For sure, it is a huge park, ideal for an excursion or to rehearse a game action. The recreation center is exceptionally charming and many water focuses, for example, wellsprings have been introduced. Oxygen Park resembles a desert garden of joy and newness in the city of al-Rayyan.