The al-Bayt arena is situated in the city of al-Khawr in the north of the landmass nation of Qatar, the host nation of the 2022 World Cup. With a limit of 60,000 observers, the al-Bayt Stadium is the second biggest arena of the opposition. Likewise, this games scene will have the initial match of the 2022 World Cup on November 21 of that very year. Because of the time contrast, this match will occur at 11:00 am as per the Central European Time Zone (CET). Notwithstanding the initial match, the al-Bayt Stadium will have eight other matches of the opposition.


The biggest arena for the finals in Qatar is obviously the Lusail Stadium which can oblige up to 80,000 individuals. The Lusail Stadium will have nine matches of the competition including the 2022 World Cup last.

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The al-Bayt Stadium in a couple of figures


🏟️ Capacity: 60,000 onlookers


🏗️ Construction: 2014-2020


🎉 Inauguration: February 11, 2020


al-Bayt Stadium: opening arena for the 2022 World Cup


The al-Bayt Stadium in al-Khawr has been decided to have the initial function and match of the 2022 Football World Cup. Albeit the Lusail Stadium has a bigger limit with an extra 20,000 seats, the 60,000-seat al-Bayt Stadium has been decided for the absolute first match of the opposition.


The al-Khawr sports scene won’t just host the service and the initial match among Qatar and one more group from Group A. Indeed, the arena will have five other gathering stage coordinates just as a series of 16, a quarter-last and a semi-last. Also, during the initial function, the authority music of the 2022 World Cup will be uncovered and performed interestingly.


A super present day and economical arena


The al-Bayt Stadium in al-Khawr was fabricated extraordinarily for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It is along these lines a fresh out of the plastic new arena with an exceptional plan that is likely one of the most present day on the planet. The most striking element is absolutely the colossal tent-like design that encompasses the field.


The name of the arena “al-Bayt” alludes to this structure component. Without a doubt, “Bayt al Sha’ar” is the name of the customary tents of the migrant people groups of Qatar and the Gulf area. Like the genuine traveling tents, the development of the al-Bayt Stadium is intended to be movable. Furthermore, the Sadu examples and dark stripes normal of these Qatari tents have likewise been imitated in the plan of the arena.


When constructing the arena, the draftsmen took care to guarantee that the tent design and the retractable rooftop would give however much shade as could reasonably be expected for the onlookers. Likewise, the al-Bayt arena is prepared, similar to any remaining 2022 World Cup arenas, with cooling innovations to bring down the temperature in the arena and make the game more endurable. In January 2020, the arena got a few supportability testaments.


Like Lusail Stadium, al-Bayt Stadium will be destroyed after the opposition and a portion of the seats will be shipped off sports offices in non-industrial nations out of luck.


The opened up space will then, at that point, be utilized for lavish inns, cafés and shopping centers. Outside the arena, a sort of amusement park is to be worked for the inhabitants and sightseers of al-Khawr city.


Problematic working conditions during development


Overall, the association of the 2022 World Cup has made numerous cynics. This isn’t simply because of claims of debasement against FIFA and the host country, yet in addition to the helpless working conditions during the development of the World Cup arenas.


As per the global association Amnesty International, the functioning conditions during the development of the al-Bayt arena were coldhearted. Numerous unfamiliar visitor laborers on the building destinations were apparently not paid for extensive stretches of time, as long as seven months.


One unfamiliar laborer even revealed that two specialists kicked the bucket before his eyes during development. Thus, the unfamiliar laborers wouldn’t keep working. Be that as it may, they had to get back to work by their bosses. In some cases, some of them were even beaten for reasons unknown.


FIFA has responded very little, just expressing: “We know that TAWASOL – a subcontractor for the development of the al-Bayt arena – was observed to disregard laborers’ principles.


Concerning the 2022 World Cup site in al-Khawr


Al-Khawr is situated in the north of the peninsular nation of Qatar, around 50 kilometers from the capital Doha. Situated in the al-Khawr district of a similar name, the city is probably the most seasoned city in Qatar. For sure, in the mid eighteenth century, this region was at that point settled by the Al-Muhannadi clan.


Al-Khawr is situated on the seafront in a little cove. The Persian Gulf city has around 90,000 occupants (starting at 2015) and is basically known for its fishing and jumping industry.


What to find in al-Khawr?


Al-Khawr being a conventional city, there are numerous vacationer locales to find in the city. One of them is the Defensive Towers, three chronicled lookouts situated close to the port.


The Al-Sultan Beach Hotel was once a castle. It was subsequently changed into a lavish lodging. Furthermore, the tremendous and wonderful al-Khawr Park is likewise worth a visit.


Different landmarks of the city to find are the Ain Hleetan wellspring, the archeological exhibition hall or the souk called Alkhor Souq.